Which Kilt is Best for you

Utility Kilt kilts outfit

Utility Kilt also known as Modern Utility Kilt. It is a modern design of kilts with cargo pockets. It is usually 100% cotton and provides enough storage space to store your utility items. We have a great selection of Utility Kilts at Kilt Jacks.

I recommend the Utility Kilt to anyone who is a casual guy and likes to wear it as his everyday attire. It’s a great kilt that can be used for both rough and rugged use. There are many styles and designs to choose from when choosing your Utility Kilt.

Tartan Kilt

Traditional Tartan Kilts and Scottish Kilts represent various clans. Tartan Kilts can be made from 100% Wool or Acrylic Wool. They have different patterns to represent different clans. These kilts usually have a history of family and clan.

A tartan-kilt can be purchased for your family, and you can wear it on special occasions. These kilts typically are worn on special occasions such as Weddings or when family members are representing their clans.

Utility Kilt vs Tartan Kilt

Let’s make a decision about which one to get, whether it is a utility kilt and a tartan Kilt.

So, the answer is: “It depends on your need.”

You can buy a Utility Kilt if your plan is to wear kilt everyday.

For formal wear, or if you have a preference for something more traditional, you might consider getting a tartan Kilt.

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