Understanding Your Web Design Dubai Company

If you are wondering why your website continues to move backwards in the organic search results, the answer is actually much simpler than you might think. Each day the top search engines are changing their algorithms, as many times as several each day. This means even if you are familiar with search engine optimization, if you are not making key changes to keep up, you are basically falling behind. Your local web design Dubai company lives in that world, and they know how to make the key changes that will keep you ahead of your competition as they fall back each time those changes are implemented.

Cleaning Your Website Homepage
The simple fact is that 80% of the new traffic to your website is going to land on the homepage. If the page is cluttered or full of distractions, new traffic will disappear and never return. The job of the web design Dubai company is to remove all that clutter and make it easier for your visitors to find relevant content quickly and easily. Now they can interact with your website, bookmark it, and return often as you continue to add fresh content that they are looking for.

The Key is in the Words
The keywords that you use throughout each page of your website help to tell the search engines where to position your pages in the organic search results. The tick here is the long tail keywords you choose to place on those pages. The web design dubai company will focus on finding words that are less competitive but highly searched by your potential customers.