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In our Blog “Advertising for …” we uncover the keys to develop marketing and advertising campaigns for different types of businesses. In this case, we will focus on how to launch an advertising campaign for real estate pakistan. We give you marketing ideas to promote and advertise your real estate  and be able to carry out effective multichannel marketing strategies for companies in the real estate sales sector.

Do you know the real estate sector?

Today, advertising is a fundamental part of promoting the visibility and visibility of any business .

Currently, most buyers and sellers use the Internet to search and advertise any type of real estate property in this market.

Normally people who are looking for a property before going to a real estate agency usually check the offers that exist online . And this is one of the main reasons why it is important to integrate online marketing strategies into your business.

To develop a good marketing plan for your real estate  is essential to know the sector and the market in which you move. To do this, you must ask yourself a series of questions such as:


  • Do you businessis the local or national (franchises)? Based on this, you should consider the scope of marketing actions for your real estate  and the optimal channels to reach your audience.
  • Who are your competitors? Meet your direct rivals and of course, take as a reference the best practices of other companies and adapt them to your own company including improvements.
  • Are you up to date with all the news of the real estate sector? It is important to be updated on all the knowledge of the sector so as not to lose the latest news or trends  that may be more interesting for your target audience .

Do you know all your customers?

Nowadays, you have to take into account that consumers do not arrive through a channel, since there are different ways by which you can attract clients for your real estate . For this reason it is interesting to define different channels to attract and attract your future customers .

But before you start  creating the advertising campaign for your real estate  you have to think about which or what are the  profiles of your clients .

Establish what is the union of all customers, making  simple combinations of different customer profiles  that help you determine what unites them to each of them.

The target of a real estate agency is very broad but we can differentiate it into two groups

  • Client-Owner: one who wishes to sell his property
  • Client-buyer: one who wishes to buy a property

Knowing the needs of each one, you can program offline and online marketing actions   focused on each type of client .


Real estate marketing actions

Once you know the market well, your clients and take into account your budget,   you can launch to design your marketing plan for your real estate agency . We recommend that you look for multichannel actions that are easy to devise, manage, measure and control.

Below we offer a series of tips to promote and reinforce the image of your real estate  in a correct way.




Social networks are a revolutionary way to achieve a greater presence on the Internet and are an additional source to attract customers on the Internet. In addition, they can function as another channel of communication  between the commercial agent and his clients.

You can use social networks to:

-Show who are the people who are part of the commercial team .

– Share posts that you write on your website’s blog.

-Inform about real estate news and interesting content for your followers.

-As a channel to promote your real estate.

In case you want to viralize your campaign you can also look for influential people in the real estate sector . With your help you can reach a wider audience.




A blog will help you to position yourself in Google will attract more  traffic  and  visitors to your website since it guarantees organic results in Google searches.

The value information that you generate through articles on different topics related to the theme of your business will bring great value to your customers . Write content that meets the needs of customers.

Some ideas for writing articles on the blog can be:

  • Sector news that are relevant to your target audience.
  • Guide for buyers with useful tips and recommendations to buy a house.
  • 10 Tips to sell a house in less than a month.
  • How to overcome a move; Tips and ideas
  • Pros and cons of living in a single-family house.

You can also invite third parties to write articles on your blog and discuss trends in their sector. As decorators or some company that makes reforms.

Remember to introduce interactive elements such as videos, images or infographics in your blog articles to make them more attractive to the user .




Having a website is a great idea that can help us be a reference for Google  and search and geolocation services.

The structure of your real estate website may contain a series of pages that provide information to users who arrive there.

It includes a home page  where all the professionals that make up your team and the facilities of your real estate agency appear. Another section in which you show the services and the types of properties  you offer. A blog with tips and news from the real estate sector. Another page with a contact form and the situation of your real estate agency.

The web of your real estate may be the first contact you have future customers and thus serve as a channel acquisition and retention.




Before promoting your real estate you  need to be found, so once you have built your website you can position it in the main search engines through organic SEO and with the help of Google My Bussines .

As a real estate agency is a business that has a physical location, what interests you is to focus all your efforts at the level of search engine optimization are located. Therefore, it is important that your website indicates the physical location of your real estate.

In case you have franchises in different locations in the country, you can develop individual pages for each of the cities where you work, including the name of the city in the title and in the meta description of the page. This way you will be sending location signals to the search engines.

It will also be important to register your real estate agency  in  Google My Business . With this tool  you can appear on Google Maps and  your real estate will be shown more easily in those searches that make potential clients that are close to your agency.

Many of the users looking for real estate do it through the Internet. Specifically, many seek to “buy houses in Barcelona” or “rent apartments in the Gràcia neighborhood”. If you present yourself as one of the top positions in search engines and offer truthful and quality information, you can increase the chances of that user becoming a potential customer.

In addition, to  gain positions in Google results , you can enter search keywords on your website or in the content that you publish on your website. With this little trick, it will be easier for them to find us.

Finally, you can invite your clients to leave ratings  on your real estate agency.

In addition, it is interesting to use web analytics programs such as  Google Analytics ,  to understand how users arrive at your website and how they behave within it, what content they visit most frequently or where those users who consult your website are located.




One of the most important things to develop an email marketing strategy is in the construction of a good database.

Remember to include the data of interest of all your contacts ; sex, age, education level, housing, … This will allow you to create different segments and it will be much easier to send your offers to a specific audience .

Once you have the database organized, you must design different emails to create email marketing campaigns. Remember to be shocking and write an attractive title that draws attention to the maneara user who wants to continue reading.

You can make different types of monthly newsletters , with a summary of all the offers of the properties of that month.

You can also take advantage of seasonal periods to promote your offers , such as apartment rentals on the beach for the summer season.

Use your blog articles and send them to interested people. For example an article in which you talk about the advantages you have when living in an attic. Take advantage of this article to send it to your contacts and add a selection of the best penthouses for sale.

You can also accompany these emails with  retargeting email  to  continue with your ads online to people who open your emails .




The digital transformation in the real estate sector has undergone a great evolution and more and more technological proposals are found that bet on this sector and try to speed up the process of buying and selling or renting real estate .

The virtual reality allows you to see every property as if you findest inside . It is useful both to discard at a glance those properties that you do not like and to have a first impression of the property.

With this option, all your clients can feel as if they were inside the property in an easy and comfortable way, without having to move from their house.

This allows the client to move throughout the property and decorate it to their liking, even before having completed the construction of the building. The customer can interact and modify the environment such as changing furniture, surfaces, textures of materials, colors, etc.

This option will allow you to improve the presentation of your properties , capture the attention of potential clients and  save unnecessary visits of the real estate agent with the client.

Advertising actions for your real estate

Today there are many online marketing strategy that can be very effective and economical.

From  we recommend two digital advertising actions  that will help you advertise your real estate among your target audience:


SEM Positioning

It is essential to position your real estate to appear among the first searches  of those people who are interested  in the products or services you offer. If you choose this option, your ads may appear among the payment results , those that bear the “ads” label and appear above the organic results .

To do this, you have specialized agencies and a help desk that offers Google Adwords to small advertisers.

  1. Use a keyword study that you can also use for SEO.
  2. Set up a campaign in “Search Network.”
  3. Create flashy ads that offer information.
  4. Measure your results to establish improvement points.

A lthough this is not a publicity stunt simple, once optimized, it can be maintained over time in a controlled manner.

If people are looking for a real estate for the “buying and selling of flats” make it easy. Once you have clicked on your ad, direct it to a web that loads quickly , that is adaptable to any device and that has an easy to understand structure , with short paragraphs and with relevant content for the user.

Advertising Display in digital media

Possibly, the most economical and effective advertising  in a real estate strategy  is digital advertising . Nowadays, it is very simple to create campaigns of this type without needing to be a great expert in advertising.

The Display advertising in digital media:

  1. It allows you to place ads in bannerformat on premium media, magazines and websites of maximum audience.
  2. Provide visibility and brand prestige, by advertisingyour real estate agency  in the mainstream media.
  3. It allows to segment geographically and select the domainsin which you want to promote your real estate .
  4. You can make retargetingto see your ads show to users who visited your website .
  5. You can control spending and investmentat all times and get truthful impact reports.

In addition, you can help yourself with other tools such as Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads that will allow you to  segment your ads in detail and adjust your ads  creating a great virality.

Offline actions to promote your real estate agency

Although it seems obvious, it is very important that your real estate  has a  careful look  and presents a  correct image with the values ​​you want to convey,  so that you create a good  feeling for your potential clients like capital smart city


Remember not to neglect offline marketing , it is usually another way that allows you to attract customers to your real estate agency. Many of your potential clients will arrive at your real estate agency on the recommendations of others.

  • Take care of the image of your equipmentand the quality of your facilities . You must adapt the space you have so that those potential clients are attracted and want to enter.
  • Build a   unique and easy-to-remember brand design. A good  branding  not only make you stand out but  get  your  potential customers to remember before your center .
  • It is important to convert the space into a pleasant place, since it is necessary to have a waiting area sufficiently large and cozy as to have as many people as they can be met at all times. Take advantage of this waiting time and include brochures with the promotions of the exclusive properties for that month.
  • Turn your customers into your best ambassadors. The word of mouth is still one of the most effective techniques of sales and promotion.

The facade and the showcase are two of the elements that we must give great importance, since it is the first impression that customers will take. Take advantage of the showcase and organize all your properties according to rent, sale and purchase for example. You can also place a television in a part of the window and show the offers of that month.

Another of the ideas would be to install a small support to introduce brochures or business cards that can be taken by customers or those who pass by and may be interested in our offers.

Finally, do not forget to show all the basic information of sky marketing business , such as contact numbers, opening hours and website.

Advertising campaign for real estate

ONiAd allows you to place ads  in the media, magazines and premium websites throughout the country in a simple, economical and safe way. In just 5 simple steps you can see how your real estate ads  begin to appear on those websites visited by all the people you want to impact.

  1. To start creating your campaigns
  2. Once you have registered on the platform, set up your campaignsand set the daily limit budgetduration and bid price for your digital advertising campaign. (€ 3 CPM is a comfortable bid that will adapt to your budget).
  3. Subsequently,  select those places where your target audience is located. 
  • That is, if for example your real estate is in a neighborhood of Barcelona you can direct your advertising to that same neighborhood bychoosing your own zip code . If you want you can also add places around, where you think you have the opportunity to attract customers for your real estate agency. In this case, try to select the  largest number of domains,  since you limit the geographical area, you must increase the chances of impact.
  • On the other hand, if you have a franchise of real estate agencies, you will be able to impact potential clients from all over the country. In this case, we recommend you be more  selectivewith the domains where you want to  publish your ads .
  1. In addition, you can also choose the domainswhere you want your ads to appear. To make a good choice of websites you must select those  domains that may be interesting to your target audience. In this case, the public of this type of business is usually a general public, since this type of product may interest anyone.

To make it easier for you, we offer you lists of different themes. To reach clients for your real estate agency you can choose domains that appear in the list of real estate agents, where you will find exclusive domains in your sector. To expand the websites you can include general domains such as media and magazines. In the case that you carry out a local campaign, choose to select the media of that community to reach a more specific audience.

  1. Finally, design eye-catching banners that are consistent with the  website  to which they are addressed or the social media profiles   of your real estate Keep in mind that there are different  banner formats  according to the advertising spaces established by the different media.

In case you need help with your banners, don’t worry we have an   amazing creative team that can design exclusive banners for your business.

You can use the reports to analyze the results of your digital advertising campaign and  make instant changes to improve it. In addition, you can launch parallel retargeting campaigns to impact the people who clicked on your ads again.

is a  free and easy-to-use platform  where you will  only pay for the cost of advertising. In addition, it  has a  complete  help service and a  chat  managed by experts in advertising.

In short, attracting clients for your real estate company begins by defining who your ideal client is. You must be clear that the objective is to differentiate yourself from your competition and position you as a real estate company that brings value to differentiate your clients.